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Meet Our Donors

Every Gift Has a Story

Preserving MSM's Legacy: Louis Alexander

Louis AlexanderAs a child, piano was a cornerstone of Lou Alexander's life. Though his studies took him elsewhere as he got older, he eventually found his way back at Manhattan School of Music, where he found "the space to be me."
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Honoring His Vision: Hugh Masekela

Hugh MasekelaA trumpeter, a composer and an advocate for South African musicians, the late Hugh Masekela will live on through a scholarship created in his honor at Manhattan School of Music.
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A Teacher's Investment in the Future: Ruth Golden

Ruth GoldenRuth Golden has had a storied career in music. With a gift to MSM, she’s paving the way for future students to achieve their dreams as well.
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Giving Back to the Community: Melody Sawyer Richardson

Melody Sawyer RichardsonMSM Trustee Melody Sawyer Richardson fell in love with opera and music at a young age. Her passion for music can be seen in her support for Manhattan School of Music and all our students.
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Profile in Philanthropy: Dr. Theo George Wilson

Theo George WilsonOriginally from Scotland, Theo George Wilson grew up in London in the 20s and 30s. He recalled as an infant a fascination with music; selecting gramophone records to dance to from his parents collection; picking out notes with one finger on a piano he could barely reach up to.
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Paying It Forward: The Legacy of Mabel Gerber

Mabel GerberPianist Mabel Gerber (1930–2015) grew up in the Norwood neighborhood of the Bronx. From an early age, Mabel’s mother, a pianist and the owner of the Bainbridge Piano Studio, taught her the importance of social justice and helping those in need.
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